About Us

Kids love to drive and ride!Twins v2

No matter what age, they are fascinated by cars, trains ,quad bikes and police motorcycles and love to compete against their friends, so the theme for our kids Pit Stop Birthday Parties has proven very popular with kids of all ages.

We provide up to ten 12v battery powered vehicles designed to suit all ages from 2-9 and run on a  8m x7m inflatable tracks for safety reasons.

THOMAS THE TANK  trackless engine and four carriages are new and the kids just love Thomas, (see video Gallery)

The look on the faces of the kids as we hand them their very own laminated drivers licence is priceless.

The kids are under our supervision at all times ensuring all party guest are safe and get a fair share of rides.

We are a family run business and can come to your home,or indoor venue such as a community centre , scout hall, school gymnasium  or nearby park anywhere in metropolitan Sydney. The ground must be level (grass cut low ) and in an area of 8m x 7m.

From our experience you could comfortably invite 35 guests to your party, ensuring all kids get plenty of time on the track in two hours hour ( or more if you wish ) we are there, which works out to be less than $12 per party guest, (see our price list page)

The cost is surprisingly low considering that a jumping castle/slide can cost $200-$300.

At no extra cost we will if possible visit and inspect your home or party venue prior to the big day to ensure that it will be a hassle free day for you and the kids.